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At age 14, Emmet Dettweiler started mowing lawns around the Walnut Heights neighborhood to raise money for college.  By freshman year of highschool, he had 12 weekly customers, (many of whom are with us to this day,) and started to realize the potential of his business.

Throughout the next few years, Emmet hired full-time employees and acquired more clients and equipment, allowing him to compete with other local businesses. After adding additional trucks to the fleet, Master Mowing grew faster and began offering a wider array of services to commercial and residential customers.

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Emmet continued to reinvest all profits back into his company, employees, and new equipment, enabling Master Mowing to serve commercial customers and scale rapidly through the next few years. The company took a hit through the COVID era but was able to offer meaningful work and benefits for its loyal employees. 


With the help of a stellar management team, Master Mowing quintupled in size and moved into its new shop in Lansing. From there, Emmet plans to continue to scale up operations and invest in new service lines. 



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Although much has changed over the years, one thing remains the same: Master Mowing is committed to bringing you high quality, detailed, and reliable service at the right price.

See you around the neighborhood!

-Emmet Dettweiler


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